Tuesday, November 2, 2010

So I just happened notice that this blog has had 376 views. REally?! I can't imagine why. I haven't posted in over a year! I really need to apologize to those 300 or so people that have veiwed my blog with how sad and neglected it is. Sorry! But i also want to announce that I am back! More to come!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

You can't see it but all the Polly Pockets are screaming and running away.

She's making this one an example to the rest of them.

and she shows no remorse at all...

"Mom look at this big fish I caught!"

its so slimey!


Hhhmmm. So, whats new with us Magleby's? We are almost done finishing the basement. It's been an ongoing saga 3 years long (we like to be thorough). I had a heck of a time picking a color to paint. You know, that is another thing I could vent about for hours, but I will spare you the drama. Needless to say we are once again stuck painting a color that is a little (or a lot) fugly. Fugly, for those of you who don't live inside my head means Freaking Ugly. It is sort of a mix between baige (how do you spell that?) green, grey, yellow, tan, orange, brown . I'm serious, ask Mark, it Is possible for paint to be all those colors at once. I don't get it. Everywhere I go I see paint colors that I like. I am never going to be the one to choose the paint color again. I'm fired. I fire myself. (Mark just said it's too late because he already fired me.)

So, Madelyn and Josie took their first bath together today. Josie only "went under" 3 times. I wasn't sure if she could hold her own with Madelyn thrashing around like she does so I stayed close by. Madelyn said "wow her bum is really slippery!" At one point Madelyn was holding Josie like she had just caught a huge fish out of the river and Josie really was squirming and flopping like a fish. Anyway, the whole event was really cute. I even took some pictures and I would post them but then maybe that's not appropiate??

Friday, December 19, 2008

I know this is crazy. Two posts in one month? wierd.
I just needed to vent again. Is this blog becoming too negative? Well then don't read it. haha
So I was driving on my way to an indoor soccer game minding my own business when out of no where this cop comes up from behind and starts flashing his lights. So I pull over thinking I must have been speeding or something. Turns out I had just ran a stop sign...the same stop sign I run purposefully every week. I have trained my brain not to notice that particular stop sign because it is out in the middle of nowhere and whenever I drive by it there are no other cars for miles. When he told me why he pulled me over I actually laughed I was so surprised. It's too bad too because if I had been thinking clearly I bet I could have talked my way out of that ticket. He said he normally would've let me off with a warning but because I didn't even slow down a little he would have to give me a ticket. Thanks officer. Merry Christmas to you too.

I actually have more to vent about but little Posie just woke up so I have to go. And yes I said Posie. Madelyn, I mean Seashell changed all our names yesterday. I am now Olivia, Mark is Hans, Hans is Benji, Josie is Posie and Madelyn of course is Seashell.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So Yeah....the next season of 24 is coming up in a month ...January 14 or something? Exciting. Oh and there's christmas coming up, and my birthday but.... boring! Give me more Jack hahaha. Superman wears Jack Bauer underwear!

So, I've tried to come up with something worthwhile for this blog, something to contribute to humanity, like a handy new word that rhymes with orange. I'm still working on it. Meanwhile I thought of a few other things that would make the world a better place: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese really needs to redo their packages. I make mac n cheese every so often (ok everyday) for little Madelyn for dinner...so you know I'm an expert in this area. The place where it says "push to open" doesn't work at all....and the same with those blasted baking soda boxes. I mean it's one thing if you make a product hard to open but to label it like that, to lead people on thinking "oh if I just push here it will open all neat and pretty" and then you end up tearing the whole top off out of frustration. Everyone uses baking soda, and I bet everyones boxes end up torn up like mine....I bet everyone gets frustrated opening them. And how long have they packaged them like that? How long will we have to put up with this? It is an insult to modern technology. Another one is milk in a carton. I don't drink milk from a carton but there are occasions when I've had to open that carton type packaging (flashback to school lunch) and of course eggnog. Why don't they just make them so you can open them from either side? If you are not paying attention and try to open the carton from the other "wrong" side it doesn't work and you end up mangling the carton....then you end up going to the other "right" side and opening it but it just never looks right after that. Everyone can tell that you had a retard moment because your carton looks like it was opened by a baboon on crack.
Also a great invention would be some sort of gadget you can keep on your key chain or wear around your neck that helps you sneeze when one is on the verge. There is nothing worse than getting that build up and anticipaing a mini explosion and having it die ...then there's nothing left but an annoying tickle. It's so depressing.
So, I don't know what to do about these things. I thought that by shedding some light on the issue and getting all of this out in the open it would be the first step towards change. We can't be afraid to reach for our dreams you know. Ok maybe I am just venting but I'm done now.

Now for the important stuff:
Madelyn won her first trophy
Josie got her first tooth
Mark has super powers
Kelly is turning 27

Can you guess which one of these is a lie? You know that game 2 truths and a lie? This is like that game but it's called 3 truths and a lie. So guess.
Yep it's Mark has super powers. Haha I was going to say that Mark has cancer but I thought that might be a little too suspenseful. Fooled you huh? Sometimes it really seems like he has super powers...but it can all be explained scientifically.

Madelyn won her first trophy. She was so proud. She wanted to take it with her wherever she went and she was holding it in her jacket like she needed to protect it. I kept telling her it was not alive and it wasn't going to get cold or anything but she'd say "I just like it and I don't want it to break". She won it in the reflections program at school. I helped her take a picture and enter it. It was a picture of her shadow. The sun was going down, so it made her shadow really long.
Madelyn was also student of the month. I'm not sure what she did to get that, she just told me she was "good". cool.
This week she had me talk to her teacher because she was scared she was going to get picked to go and have lunch with the principal. I told her it was supposed to be a reward for being good but she said "I'm scared because I've never met him" and she kept bringing it up and whenever it was time to go to school she seemed really worried. I finally talked to her teacher and we both tried to explain to her that it would be ok but she just started crying. So I told her she wouldn't have to go if she got picked. I just can't believe it was so traumatic for her. Silly girl.
Tonight I was reading to her and I saw that she had a booger in her nose and I went to wipe it for her and she pushed my hand away and said "I can get it, I can get it....which tube is it in?" I almost fell off the bed laughing! Which Tube?! hilarious!

Josie now has her 2 bottom front teeth. They both came in at the same time. What a trooper. I would say that she was more fussy the days before they were coming in but we've been using the "teething" excuse since she was 3 months old. The fussiness is always random. Who knows what the problem ever is. It's always a mystery. It's a guessing game until they are happy again and then you can say "Ah, it was because she had an eyelash in her eye!" or "how did she get cinnamon toast crunch in her diaper?" or "oh the dogs tail was whipping her in the face"
There is always the universal excuse too which is colic. Colic is the number one scapegoat....and nobody know what it means. If your baby crys all the time they have colic. If your baby is crying they are colicky. Sounds like colic is another word for "my baby is crying, i have no idea why and I'm sick of guessing".

Thursday, October 9, 2008

This is Mark "air swinging" at the Russell's cabin Our lovely family
Jon and Shelby with a giant sneaking up behind them
"Mark the reason you think I never post anything about you is because you never take the time to look at our blog....look I even put a picture up of you...
shut up I know how to put diapers on my own baby....
Its because they are too small.....I told you they were too small like a month ago... "

(just a snippet of converstation that just happened here)

hmm let's see has anything interesting happened since when was the last post? June?
Well we went on a few trips: Cortez, Colorado visiting or perhaps annoying family there and pilaging the countryside. The Mountain Man Rendezvous in Fort Bridger, Wyoming. We bought some leather to make clothing and we ARE dressing up next year...gay i know- I love it though! We got some marriage councelling in Beaver canyon while camping with the Russells over the weekend... we had a great time hanging out, playing the most radical game "Settlers of Catan" and showing the Russells how us giants roll (giants is code for fat-heads) Actually they showed us how they roll and taught us all about nice jeans . This next upcoming weekend we'll be heading out near moab for some more goofing off in the great outdoors...um and I'd be more specific but I don't really know exactly what were doing out there and who else will be there.

ok other stuff. Little Madelyn has learned to ride her bike! Yeah that was one of the things I wanted her to learn this summer (along with pumping herself on the swing and cleaning the house for me) I'd like to take all the credit but Mark was there too, pushing a wimpering Madelyn along the basketball court onto the grass. It only took a couple days of that and then it was like it just clicked...now she rides all over and wants to go out and ride all the time. ...and it's annoying - I didn't think of that before.
Some days I ask Madelyn "what do you want to be when you grow up?" I'm always excited to hear about her ideas and where in the world they are coming from. These are some of the answers that I've gotten this last month: a ballerina, a dentist, a verterinarian, a mountain climber, an astronaut, a rock star.

Josie missed her 4 month appointment on monday which I will reschedule tomorrow (I've been telling myself that since monday). She is still the most adorable and sweet baby in the world...ok ok except for prince Owen (the Russells baby).

I'm coaching my last week of soccer thank heavens. Today I had to take both the girls to practice which would have worked out fine except for the hurricane force winds up there in Highland. We were all cold and that kind of wind makes it difficult to control the ball at all let alone teach a bunch of spazzy high school girls to control the ball.
Last week I baked whole wheat bread for which I grinded the wheat myself in our vintage grinder that my grandma gave to us. Thanks grandma!
I washed Hanz today. He is so thankful ..I can tell. He had matts and burrs all over and I cut them out.
Mark has a mustache. He looks very distinguished. I tell him he looks like an official - of what I don't know